Prayer changes things. I’ve already heard that in several churches. It’s true, in a perfect sense, that God can change things. All things. Think about the topic of prayer throughout the days of your life. We all would most likely remember the Lord’s prayer being recited in churches and other events. People have remembered that prayer by heart. But it doesn’t seem that people have allowed the significance and provision of that prayer to be claimed and accepted in their personal lives. Luke Chapter 11 claims “Lord, teach us to pray,” which the Lord Jesus gave the world the pattern-prayer that God honors. The disciples ask this of Jesus because he was spending time in prayer at that moment. He knew what it meant to say, “My Father…”. We need to say again as disciples “teach us” again to the Master. Teach us to pray.

    From Genesis to Revelation prayer is a focus of talking to God. Seeking and asking. Searching and knocking (Luke 11:9). All actions are required and much needed in each life. Do we pray? Do we really? Besides being on the run attempting to catch up with the schedule on your phone, do you pray? Prayer and prayer alone. All of life will ultimately show if we have been a “pray-er.” Do you pray?

    The Prayer series is part of our TCAA’s focus in 2019. We, as a church, our asking for the supernatural. We first are asking people to be saved through the witness of TCAA members. That is totally supernatural. Natural to God, supernatural to our daily lives. Only God gives the increase of souls. Our church’s mission statement is Connecting Lost People to a Mature Walk with Jesus. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 15). So…we are here with the purpose to seek and save that which is lost. This should be more normal (natural) to us because of the daily practice of being a “Kingdom Kid”—-and being obedient. Only the Word and Prayer can lead us to God’s success.

    The prayer mention above brings about several needs within our church. Discipleship. The totality of the Great Commission is discipleship (Matt. 28:18-20). TCAA will need room for more small groups to …connecting lost people to a mature walk. We need to pray for more small groups for young couples at TCAA. Our prayers need to cover small groups for parents. Prayer for small groups for all ages. A church needs to have a ministry and connection to families who have special needs children. TCAA will be praying for this. For this to be accomplished, we need to pray. This is just not a quick prayer. This is laboring in prayer by seeking and knocking—-it’s asking and searching for the mind of God through prayer. It’s prayer labor. Let’s pray alone when alone. Let’s pray together when together (Luke 12:29-31). TCAA—-Time to pray.

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