Family. Uncle Fester, Uncle Eddie, brothers, sisters, cousins, moms, dads (George McFly from Back to the Future) all make up what we call “the family.” We just may have someone that fits in that crazy category. Only then to realize that if you think it’s someone else in your family—-most likely people in your family think that it is “you.” I’m the ‘“crazy one.” Have you ever noticed that we often think we are the only ones with the “civility” in our family? Everyone else is “crazy.” Keep telling ourselves that line.

    The Bible has some crazy families. Start with the first two living spouses, Adam and Eve. They started their family after a date in a garden which led to sin—the first sin. Shortly after that date Adam and Eve had Cain and then Abel. Then the first MMA match broke out between the first two brothers that ever lived. This jealousy-mode and competitiveness-nature were over an offering of choice. Cain kills Abel with a death punch. Crazy.

    Noah and his family. He took his family almost on a 365 day tour in a boat. Sure beats the “3-hour tour” with Gilligan. Noah saved his family and a bunch of animals through obedience to God’s verbal word. After the flood, Noah got naked and plastered. Sailing around on this newly flooded sea called “the earth” was a bit stressful. Oh, don’t forget, the boat was floating for 360 days with the family of eight, and the dog, the cat, the monkey, the lion, the zebra, etc. Stressful. Know wonder he got drunk. He also didn’t appreciate the fact that one of his boys (Ham) mocked him for his naked drunk condition after the float tour. So Noah cursed his son. There is no record that Ham attended Thanksgiving dinner with the family that year.

    Nevertheless, God gave power and direction to the families above, and He’s promised power and guidance to our families as well. The Book of Ephesians tells us of God’s love for His Church. We can apply these “loving principles” to our family—-and then—-we’ll have the same character as God. Family is always family. We are all fallen men and women, but in Christ, we are new creatures. Jesus provides new direction for our family and family members with his glory.

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