As a church, we started this year focusing on PRAYER. Prayer is a word that simply states God’s children in grace speaking to him about life, others, and ourselves.

    We took an exhaustive look at the “lost stories” of Luke 15. The series was called the SHARE series. Shrewdness(Luke 16:8) is just the beginning word to describe the intensive searching, seeking, serving, and stewardship of the main characters in each parable. Each item is sought. All are found.

    The GIVE series is part of our TCAA’s focus in 2019. TCAA’s Spiritual Periodic Chart reveals how God’s Word instructs us to arrange our lives. Just three elements: Prayer, Share and Give. If we practice praying, sharing, and giving, we will have more focus, more simplistic lives, and more direction provided by the Lord Jesus, our King. We must be intentional. Together, we must be focused on Christ only.

    JOURNEY to the CROSS provides us reasons and connections through how the Bible describes the passion of Christ. Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ demonstrates this well when the scene of the crucifixion has Jesus crawling onto the cross. The soldiers didn’t place him on the cross, in the Passion, he crawled up on the cross. Yes, this was His journey. He was sinless. Jesus took on the sin of all entire world from before then and until now and forever. Just like the hymn says, Jesus paid it all, all to him we owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, he washed it white as snow.

    The EASTER season is a tremendous opportunity to decide during this season Who Your One? One? In the SHARE series-Luke 15, we looked at how a shepherd left 99 sheep and went after one. The woman meticulously sweeps the floor to find a lost coin—one coin. God is portrayed standing and searching on the porch for his lost son to return, and when he sees him, the father runs and meets him with kisses and fanfare. The truth of these parables, we are God’s one. Each one of us.

    Now, WHO’S YOUR ONE? We should be focusing on emulating our Father who is in heaven. Pick a family member, one from your co-workers, a neighbor, someone in your weekly path to PRAY, to SHARE, and to GIVE the best gift of all—-The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have stated it’s the greatest story ever told, the best thing ever to happen to me, the gospel is the only thing that saves…it is time we live it to the fullness. Pick your one. Who’s Your One?

    It’s time to PRAY and SHARE with others in the church and with a lost and dying world. Our GIVE series is so timely positioned for this season in our church.

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