Everyone is asking us to give. When you graduate from college it takes two weeks for you to receive a donation or gift envelope and a letter from the institution that you graduated. “Could you buy a “brick” for our walk of fame?” Promises of a plaque on the wall with your name imprinted are real possibilities with your monetary generosity. You just literally finished writing the last check for your last semester classes and graduation fees. Today, even if you’re checking out at a department store…store clerks are asking us “do you want to “round-up” your purchase price to give to certain charities?” It doesn’t take long for the invitational opportunities to give to come flooding into your choice of “inbox.” The world’s system is competing for your “monetary attention.”

    As a church, we took an exhaustive look at the “lost stories” of Luke 15. The series was called the SHARE series. Shrewdness (Luke 16:8) is just the beginning word to describe the intensive searching, seeking, serving, and stewardship of the main characters in each parable. The shepherd is searching, the woman is seeking and sweeping with a broom for a lost coin, and the loving father is looking intently from his porch only to run faster when he sees his prodigal, lost son returning home. Every place is searched. Each item is sought. All are found.

    The GIVE series is part of our TCAA’s focus in 2019. The Periodic Chart shows how elements of the earthly world relate to one another. TCAA’s Spiritual Periodic Chart reveals how God’s Word instructs us to arrange our lives. Just three elements: Prayer, Share and Give. If we practice praying, sharing, and giving, we will have more focus, more simplistic lives, and more direction provided by the Lord Jesus, our King. We must be intentional. Focused.

    Our prayers jettison us to SHARE. While sharing Christ with others it shows us that GIVING is imperative. The totality of the Great Commission is discipleship (Matt. 28:18-20). TCAA will need room for more small groups to …connecting lost people to a mature walk. We need more small groups for young couples at TCAA. Our prayers need to cover small groups for parents of teens. We need small groups of all ages. A church needs to have a ministry and connection to families who have special needs children. Giving must be intentional and planned.

    As a church, to give more time, service, and money as a body of believers, we must stop operating as the world. We must change our systems of processes when thinking and using money. It has been said if all Christians got out of debt and gave out of their pure income there would be billions and billions of more dollars spread throughout the Bible-believing, Gospel-centered churches in North America. The Great Commission could be accomplished in literally months. Hunger could be almost eliminated. Mission trips and efforts grow to huge numbers. What if? TCAA must be intentional with GIVING.

    It’s time to PRAY and SHARE with others in the church and with a lost and dying world. Our GIVE series is so timely positioned for this season in our church.

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